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Meet the Staff: Amanda W.

Amanda W.
  • She has been with Nordic Needle since 2006, but has only been a full time employee since 2010. She is the Shipping Supervisor.

  • I have dabbled in a little bit of everything, but Hardanger/Drawn thread/Pulled thread are by far my favorite. Surface Embroidery is a close second. I usually have more than one project going on at one time (like so many of us do) and Embroidery gives me a nice brake from counting and having to be precise. It is a little more “free” and “mindless”.

  • The best tool that I could have for the type of projects I work on is a good, sharp scissors. I use Gingher scissors #7191, they have a sharp point for cutting fabric threads in Hardanger and do not dull as fast as some of the cheaper scissors. A good scissors is always a good investment when doing Hardanger and other cutwork.

    My favorite thread to use is Caron Collection (Watercolours and Wildflowers). The variegated colors can do so much for a project! There are also so many colors it is hard to choose sometimes. I usually find more colors I like, than projects I have to do. I haven’t used Valdani perle cottons yet, but am planning on using them on a project I have coming up!

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