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Pretzel Sparklers

I was trying to find one of my favorite recipes that were either purple or red, white, and blue to go with today’s organization. Here is a super easy, yet colorful recipe that we use year round at our house. We make them for Christmas gifts by using white chocolate with red and green sprinkles, or colored chocolate with nuts, mini M&M’s or other small candies.

Pretzel Sparklers

  • 1 bag of pretzel rods
  • 1 bag of Nestle’s white chocolate morsels, melted (you can usually buy colored chocolate where candy supplies are sold)
  • Sprinkles (red, white and blue) or star decorations (use your imagination!)

Melt the white chocolate morsels according to the package directions. While chocolate is hot, dip the pretzel rods halfway into the melted chocolate. Sprinkle the star decorations or the red, white and/or blue sprinkles onto the chocolate on each pretzel rod before the chocolate cools. Place coated pretzel rod on waxed paper or in a cup (decorated side up) to dry and cool. Once cooled, you can store them in an air-tight container for several weeks, but ours never last that long because someone always eats them first! These are easy, yummy and colorful!

You can add nuts or coconut to the mixture if you like.

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