In this section you will find all the stitching articles from the Nordic Needle newsletter. These articles include fascinating research into various topics that relate to needlework. We hope you enjoy them!

6 thoughts on “Articles

  1. I would like to receive an up to date catalog, please. I received your catalogs & products a few years ago but not in the last years. Now, I would like to update my catalogs.
    Please note my address is different now.
    Thank you.

    Vicki Johnson
    1000 Pavilions Circle Room 318!
    Traverse City MI 49684

    1. Vicki, Nordic Needle is no longer in business and does not produce catalogs any longer. You should be able to find other suppliers online. Best of luck.

  2. I would like to buy some Hardanger supplies. Is that a possibility?

    1. Hi, Pamela. You should be able to search online for Hardanger materials. was a reliable supplier for many supplies. Best of luck.

  3. Article regarding BLACKWORK Embroidery please

    1. Hi, Frances. Here is a link to the article about Blackwork embroidery: Blackwork Embroidery

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