Stitching Guides

These articles are like great tour guides!

Featuring historical facts and interesting tidbits about heirloom needlework techniques, the tools used, and more, these guides will give you great information, material suggestions, and ideas to get you started, keep you going, and help you finish that project beautifully!

The Stitching Techniques section gets down to the nitty gritty of the needlework technique. These articles delve into the history and usage of these heirloom techniques, and give you background information and interesting facts about each one! Each technique is unique and beautiful, so go ahead and give them a read and see which one you’d like to try next.

The Stitching Materials section goes over the supplies and tools that you’ll be working with while completing that heirloom project. This section is extensive. You’re sure to find some excellent information that will increase your knowledge of the staple tools of needlework. Go on, give it a click!

Additionally, we have some other excellent guides reviewing cleaning tips, finishing techniques, and more.

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