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New DMC Travel Bags!

Does anyone remember those older DMC travel rolls that were great for storing your floss? They used the StitchBow system and were super handy. We were discontinuing the travel rolls when I first started and I kept saying to myself, “I need to get one of those before we’re all sold out…” but then I never did and they were gone so fast. :(

But! DMC has now released a bright new patterned travel bag and stitch bow roll, and they were so pretty and fancy I couldn’t help but think pageant material. So this is what happens when it’s nearing the end of the day, I’ve had way too much caffeine, and I’ve got some awesome new, pretty bags that I just have to share with you guys! Gadget Pageant Q & A with the NEW StitchBow DMC Travel Bag and Roll! ;)

DMC StichBow Travel Bag & Roll
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