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Cable Stitch


Cable Stitch

The cable stitch is usually worked in the lighter weight thread. Begin by securing the thread on the back and bring it up in the hole designated on the pattern. Count up two holes and over two holes from where the thread emerges and insert the needle. Bring the needle out as shown (10a). Again, count up two holes and over two holes; insert the needle and bring it out where the previous stitch ended (10b). Continue in this manner, always counting from where the thread emerges and always bringing the needle up in the hole where the previous stitch ended (10c, 10d). To turn a corner, pivot the needle in the corner hole and bring it up as shown (10e). Return to the corner hole and proceed as before (10f, 10g, 10h).

A single cable stitch results in two rows of stitches. Some patterns call for a double cable stitch, or four rows of stitches. This is accomplished by going around the pattern a second time, starting two holes above the last starting point (10i). Notice that the middle row becomes double, adding a row on top (10j, 10k).

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  1. I have been doing hardanger embroidery a long time and I still come back to Nordic Needle to refresh my memory on different stitches.
    Thank you Nordic for your clear and complete instructions

  2. Thank you

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