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Sequin Attachment Stitches

Sequin (Paillette) Attachment Method 1
Sequin (Paillette) Attachment Method 1

Method 1
Come up on the outside of the paillette and stitch down into the same hole in the center. Repeat this on the remaining three sides. Try to keep a consistent direction/pattern for each paillette (e.g. clockwise/top-bottom-left-right/etc.). (Figure T.)

Sequin (Paillette) Attachment Method 2
Sequin (Paillette) Attachment Method 2

Method 2
Come up through the middle of one paillette and one bead, stacked with the bead on top. Take your needle back down through the paillette into the fabric (skipping the bead) through the same hole you came up. (Figure U.)

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