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Split Stitch

Split Stitch
Split Stitch (A) often confused with Chain Stitch (B).

Split Stitch
Here is an example of the split stitch as it is being worked.

This stitch is also known as the Kensington Outline Stitch. I added this stitch because it is often mistaken for tiny chain stitches. A sharp needle is used because you are dividing the thread. You need to use a thread that is easily separated like floss or yarn. I found it easiest to do this stitch from left to right. The key is that you come up in the middle of the stitch you just completed on the line you are stitching. Don’t split the stitch until you have pulled your thread almost as tight as you had planned.

NOTE: You can do the split stitch with the back stitch and you are splitting the previous stitch in the middle when doing your back stitch.

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