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Dove’s Eyes with Spokes

Dove’s Eyes with Spokes

The design is created with spokes added across the corners and then the Dove’s eye over the top. To do a single Dove’s eye, my suggestion is to weave two sides. Then create one spoke from one corner to the other, making a couple of twists as you go back. Now weave the third side. Create the second spoke across to the opposite corner going under the first spoke. As you go back, make one wrap, then make sure your thread goes over the first spoke, make another wrap and finish in the third corner. Weave half of the fourth bar, then create your Dove’s eye making sure your thread stays on top of the spokes. Finish by weaving the rest of the fourth bar.

The level of difficulty increases with the number of Dove’s eye motifs you are creating. Try to determine the best direction to go to maximum the number of spokes and Dove’s eyes you can create without needing to run your needle through the back of a wrapped bar to get to the next section.

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