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Stitcher’s Showcase: Lynne De’ath

Lynne De’ath from the UK stitched the Angel of Christmas by Mirabilia. Lynne says, “She took me about three months to stitch on 32# linen, a tad longer than I thought, because I made a big boo-boo when sticking together the two halves of the photocopies (working copies only, please note!), and lost one and one-half lines of the chart! So, I had to do a bit of “creative work” and hope it didn’t spoil the overall effect. Then I had trouble with the darker of the two gold metallic threads, which refused to lie flat like the others. Using the Whisper thread was a novel experience too, but it made all the difference to the finished article. It’s a pity the photo doesn’t do justice to the sparkle and the furriness on the gown, but I’d recommend this piece to anyone who isn’t faint-hearted – she is a joy to behold.

My daughter Paula doesn’t usually want anything stitched by Mom, but during the working of it, she muttered very quietly, “I don’t suppose you’d do me one as well?” – I was so surprised that I said “Of course! You can have this one!” – silly me, that means I have to do battle with the metallics and beads again!

Have a wonderful Christmastide, and many blessings for the New Year!

Love as always, Lynne xx”

3 thoughts on “Stitcher’s Showcase: Lynne De’ath

  1. Beautiful work. Very pretty stitiching!

  2. I started the blue version of this pattern years ago. As usual I got distracted by something else and never finished it. I was planning to clean out my stash closet and started thinking about finishing this project, so imagine my surprise when I found this blog and it had this project right up front! Must be a sign!

    And I am most impressed that you finished this in 3 months!

  3. Most beautiful. From the picture, you can’t tell you had any problems. However, it is a Lavender & Lace pattern by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. Mirabilia patterns are from her daughter, Nora Corbett.

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