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Award-Winning Hardanger Embroidery Designs 2017 Contest

We have a winner! Our amazing collaborator is Yvette Stanton!

We will be contacting our correct guesser who will not only receive the newest, 2017 Award-Winning Hardanger designs book for free, but also the entire library collection of books by Yvette Stanton. Thank you for playing!

Nearly every year since 1979, Nordic Needle has published an Award-Winning Hardanger Designs book to showcase the beautiful and original Hardanger designs from stitchers all over the world. This year, we’re collaborating with a very exceptional individual to make the book better than it has ever been. We’re very excited about this collaboration and hope you will be too! To make it extra exciting, we’re hosting a contest guessing game to give you the opportunity to win not only a copy of the 2017 Award-Winning Designs in Hardanger Embroidery book, but also a grand prize needlework collection worth over $200!

Up until the release of the book, we will be sharing little hints as to the collaboration in our newsletter (so be sure to sign-up here), and to win the prize, you must guess the individual with whom we are collaborating. But here’s the kicker: you only get 1 guess. So, to clarify the contest rules:

  • We will be giving hints as to our collaboration until the release of our book in July
  • The first person to guess our collaborator’s name correctly wins a grand prize collection worth over $200
  • You only get 1 guess
  • All guesses must be made as comments on this blog post

If you have prior knowledge about our collaboration, you are ineligible to be guessing! Of course we have to say that otherwise all of our staff would be “guessing” to win! :)

We invite you to gather up your stitching friends and start collecting your hints together to make your guesses, or save up the hints and make your guess once you’re certain to be the winner! Either way it will be a lot of fun and you’ll get to know our collaborator, hint by hint!

Ready to guess? Comment below!

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