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Diagonal Tent Stitch (Basketweave)

Basketweave stitch

The basketweave stitch (or diagonal tent stitch) is a universal stitch, one you can use for small or large areas. While the front of the stitch will look like the Continental stitch, the back will resemble a woven wicker basket. Because of the way this stitch is worked, it is a very sturdy stitch, actually reinforcing your canvas, while not pulling it out of shape like the Continental or tent stitch can do.

The basketweave stitch is worked in diagonal rows up and down the canvas. You begin at the upper left corner. Stitch according to the diagram below until you reach the bottom right corner. Then work the next row to the left of the one you just stitched going from lower right hand to upper left hand, filling in between the stitches from the previous row. TIP: You need to look at your canvas to see how the canvas vertical and horizontal stitches intersect. To correctly cover your canvas, you should be covering the vertical canvas threads as you go down, covering the horizontal canvas threads as you stitch back up.

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