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New Clubs for 2011!

I’m excited to introduce two new clubs for 2011! Debi has designed some fantastic canvaswork seasonal “snowflakes” (because each one is unique, hehe) that are amazing – she’s got sparklers and fireworks for the 4th of July, a beautiful rose bouquet for Valentine’s, a totally kicking Celtic knotwork piece for St. Patty’s, plus I’ve gotten […]

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Corn Field

The Complete Needlepoint Guide gave this variation calling it Corn Field. You create the corn stalk just like the wheat except it is a little longer. Rather than spacing the stalks side by side, start your next stalk one thread over. You can leave it like that, which will leave some canvas showing through, or […]

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Variation 1 This stitch uses a two-part process where you stitch the “stalks” and then gather them together into the sheaf shape. The number of stalks can vary depending on the space you are trying to fill, so experiment with 3, 4, or 5 stalks. Try varying the length of the center stalks to create […]

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Small Rice Stitch The Small Rice stitch not only produces a nice background but will reinforce your canvas. You can work the stitch in two colors for a diamond effect. Stitch the large “X” first and then add the cross-hatches. Medium Rice Stitch The Medium Rice stitch doesn’t cover entirely, which may allow your canvas […]

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Variation 1 Let’s explore our leaf stitches, which are very versatile. Not only can it be used for leaves, but it can create flowers, trees, grasses, even fur and feathers. It all depends on your threads and stitch lengths. Here are two of the more traditional leaf stitches. This is another stitch you can vary […]