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Woven Circle (Chicken Scratch)

Woven Circle (Chicken Scratch)

Bring your needle out from the backside of the fabric at the end of the running stitch. Slip needle under running stitches in a counter clockwise direction. This is done all on top of the fabric and under the running stitch! Make one or two circles with your thread depending on how thick you want your circle to be. To finish your circle, insert the needle back into the same hole that you came out of to begin the circle. The symbol “o” is used to indicate the woven circle stitch.

Woven Circle (Chicken Scratch) Variation 1

Variation 1

Here are a couple of alternative woven circle stitches.

The first one is done by wrapping around four adjoining corner posts of the Smyrna crosses to create a square.

Woven Circle (Chicken Scratch) Variation 2

Variation 2

Create flower petals by going around the corner posts of two diagonal Smyrna crosses.

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