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Twisted Bars

Twisted Bars

Twisted Bars

After the two rows of solid satin stitches are worked, cut and draw out all the horizontal threads except two or three on both sides. The remaining vertical threads are twisted as follows: Secure the thread under the satin stitches on the back and bring the needle to the front of the piece in the center of the short satin stitch row. Insert the needle between the 6th and 7th threads and bring up between the 3rd and 4th threads. Then insert the needle before the first thread (19A), twist the threads and bring the needle out between the 6th and 7th threads again. The vertical bars will remain twisted and tighten as more bars are twisted. Count over 6 more fabric threads and repeat the procedure to twist the next bars (19B). If the pattern does not work out in multiples of 6, use fewer or more threads for one or two of the twists.

Here is the technique for twisted bars when it involves only two fabric threads.

Once the end threads have been cut and removed, you are left with just the short threads to work the stitch. Bring the threaded needle up in the center of the end satin stitch and proceed:

  1. Insert the needle down between threads 2 and 3. Do not pull through.
  2. Bring the needle point up between threads 1 and 2. Do not pull through.
  3. Insert needle down at the beginning, before thread 1. Do not pull through.
  4. Turn the needle so it now faces the untwisted row of threads. This will twist threads 1 and 2.
  5. Repeat by inserting the thread down between threads 4 and 5 and repeat steps 1-4.

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  1. I am working on a project that has the twisted bars in the center. I can do the 1st one but I am stumped after that. My project has 100 threads & I don’t know how to divide them up equally. When I work the first stitch, I leave the first 2 stitches free and it works fine but I’m not sure if I need to leave 2 stitches free everytime. Please help me with this. I want to finish this project very much. Thanks!

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