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French Dip

French Dip – by Megan

I start with a frozen beef roast, between 2 and 3 pounds. Cut baking time in half by using a fresh roast.

Put roast in large pot, add 2 cups water, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, and minced onions. Bake covered at 325 for 4-5 hours.

Remove roast from pot, set aside. Bring drippings to boil, add roughly one extra cup water, 1 beef bullion cube, 3-4 dashes Angostura bitters, dash cayenne pepper, pinch of celery salt, a few pinches of garlic powder, and roughly one-fourth cup dried basil, and black pepper to taste (more than you might think as the basil and onion sweeten the au jus quite a bit). Also add a tablespoon or two more of minced onions. Resist any urge to add salt as the bullion will do that for you. If you’ve added the bullion and think it needs more salt, crush a bullion cube and add that little by little…you will get flavor and saltiness at the same time. Lastly, I add a splash of Kitchen Bouquet for color. Strain the broth into a bowl using a metal strainer. I use the leftover seasoning ‘pulp’ as a garnish for extra flavor on the sandwiches, or in this instance I put it in the crock with the meat.

Shred the roast, serve on a toasted bun with Swiss or Provolone cheese. Serve the au jus while still hot in a small bowl or ramekin.

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