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Nordic Needle Nisse

Last newsletter we talked about the traveling Nordic Needle Nisse. She has arrived and her name is Nikolina. Here she is standing in front of some of our fabric. She has a spoon and bowl because it is important to feed your Nisse to keep her happy. Before she starts her travels she will also have a needle and stitching project, so that she will have the right tools for whatever her host/hostess wants her to do. She stands about 5.5" high. She’s getting excited about traveling around to visit Nordic Needle friends! If you would like to learn more about hosting Nisse, please please send an e-mail to her. Be sure to include "nisse" or "hosting" in the email subject! We’ll be figuring out the beginning of her travel itinerary soon! She’s ready to pack her bags and hit the road visiting our friends!

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