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Stitcher’s Showcase: Rita Engdahl

In the “Stitcher’s Showcase” this week, here is a photo of Teresa Wentzler’s “Winter Carousel Horse” (available in Best of Teresa Wentzler Christmas Collection book) stitched by Rita Engdahl of Lingle, Wyoming. Which took “Grand Champion” & “NeedleWork Champion at the county fair. It placed Third at the State Fair. Rita says, “This took me four years to complete as my hobby was interrupted by heart complications that took 11 stents to repair and the arrival of two more wonderful granddaughters plus a couple of cousins had babies! All new babies into the family get gifts from my needle.”

1 thought on “Stitcher’s Showcase: Rita Engdahl

  1. Very pretty. The long time you spent on it was worth it, it is beautiful.

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