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Stitcher Showcase: Marg Phillips

In the Stitcher’s Showcase this week, Marg Phillips sent us this photo of her standing by her newly finished Glory in the Morning Cross-stitch.

Marg says, “I thought you might like to see how I finished it. It might give other people ideas on how to finish this cross-stitch rather than framing it. Usually my Husband makes all my frames for me, but this time I thought using my quilting skills might look nice with this piece. I really enjoyed doing this cross-stitch.

We have been inspired by this cross – stitch, that we are in the process of building 2 new raised flower beds in the backyard, (right by our vegetable gardens) and we are going to plant Sunflowers with Morning Glories growing up through them.

I hope your company keeps on giving customers a great choice of projects. I only wish you were in Canada! I love to receive your catologues.

Thank you

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  1. I love how you finished your sunflowers. The color of the fabric compliments the project beautifully. Wonderful cross stitching, very pretty.

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