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Nutmeg (filling stitch) (for Hardanger)

Nutmeg (filling stitch) (for Hardanger)

Weave the four bars, inserting a web (dove’s eye) in the center when you are half ways across the fourth bar.

Bring the needle out in the corner of the fabric (A). Basically, this stitch is a corner to corner web with the stitches woven into the regular web by alternating over and under when coming to the center web stitches.

Pass the needle under the first side of the web and then over the next side of the web as the needle goes down in the next corner (B). Be sure to put the “twist” in the corner web as you proceed to the next corner (C). Turn your work as you go from corner to corner.

End by wrapping the thread around the first corner stitch, bringing it to the back and running the thread behind finished satin stitches as normal.

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