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Woven Bars (for Hardanger)

Woven Bars

Woven Bars

After completing the cutting, there will be a network of threads left, all in groups of four. These will be woven into bars with pearl cotton, usually size #8 or #12. Secure the end of the thread into the satin stitches on the back of the fabric and bring the needle to the right side of the fabric through the middle of the four threads. Bring the needle around the threads on one side and then back to the middle (3a). Repeat on the opposite side (3b). Continue weaving in a figure-eight pattern until the entire bar is filled. It is extremely important that the weaving be very tight and even; therefore, pull each stitch firmly before continuing. When one bar is complete, cross over to the next bar by bringing the needle from the far side of the completed bar up into the center of the next bar (3c). This will leave a small crossover thread on the back of the work.

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