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Leaf stitch

Variation 1

Let’s explore our leaf stitches, which are very versatile. Not only can it be used for leaves, but it can create flowers, trees, grasses, even fur and feathers. It all depends on your threads and stitch lengths.

Here are two of the more traditional leaf stitches. This is another stitch you can vary the length and width to fill your design space. Try grouping several together or layering them for further effect. This is a fabulous stitch for experimenting with variegated threads. You can stitch the leaf back and forth so the variegation goes down the leaf. You can also stitch down one side and then up the other which makes the variegation change between sides.

Leaf stitch

Variation 2

This stitch can also be used for special effects. For example, this one could be a feather or a wheathead.

Leaf stitch

Variation 3

This one would be great for grass or perhaps fur.

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