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Branched Spokes (Hardanger)

Branched Spoke

Branched Spoke

Branched Spoke: Wrap the bars as usual with size #8 thread. Bring the needle up at point A, two threads into the fabric, and insert at point B. As the thread is returned toward the corner, wrap around the suspended thread two times and insert the needle at point C, two threads into the fabric. Move to the next corner and repeat.

Branched Spokes (17)

Reversed Branched Spoke

Reversed Branched Spoke: After the bars have been wrapped with size #8 thread, bring the needle out at a corner (point A). Insert the needle at point B, one-third distance from the center on the bar. Make one twist around the suspended thread to form the right branch. Insert the needle at point C and bring it out. Make one twist to complete the left branch. Make two more twists around the long suspended thread while returning to the corner. Move to the next corner and repeat.

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