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Adjoining Wrap (Greek Cross)

Adjoining Wrap

Adjoining Wrap (also known as Greek Cross)

Using size #8 thread, wrap around two threads of the bar into the center. Bring the needle up in the center of the adjoining bar (8A). Return the needle back under the wrapped bar (8B). Continue in this manner, weaving the two bars together two-thirds of the way out. Notice – weaving involves one wrapped single bar and one unwrapped single bar. Wrap around the remainder of the unwrapped bar to the end. Repeat. (8C) shows the finished motif.

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2 thoughts on “Adjoining Wrap (Greek Cross)

  1. I am stitching the Button Sampler. In the 8th block is calls for adjoining wraps. This is a variation of Greek Cross. I know the Greek Cross , but I have not figured out the progression of the crosses in this ribbon band. Please help. Joyce

  2. Roz, I’m working on the July 2010 Hardanger club card. The Greek Cross is used on the bottom corners–I figured them out. I’m having trouble figuring out the path to take to do adjoining wrap in the center diamond. I keep having to cut and re-attach my sewing thread. Surely there is a better way to go about this! Please give me a diagram or additional instructions. Thank you, Janell

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