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Celebration Transfers for Embroidery Book

Celebration Transfers for EmbroideryWe just got an awesome new embroidery book in and, yeah, I had to talk about it. The cover makes me drool in and of itself – grey fabric with a teal cupcake? Yes, please. Makes me hungry AND want to stitch.

Celebration Transfers for EmbroideryNot only does this book have some awesome and amazing patterns, but it also goes over some great tips on washing and transferring, plus advice on patterning, combining, and using the motifs. In addition to all that, it even has detailed, in-color embroidery stitch instructions! Hot diggity.

The patterns themselves are totally rocking, like baby buggies, super happy birthday balloons, retro Christmas reindeer, sledding snowmen, *breath* cute cupids, Valentines wreathes, hat wearing owls… and that’s not even half the book! It even has number birthday candles and funky party hats! The things you could do with the designs are pretty endless. Create unique and personalized gifts – towels, bibs, onesies, aprons, blankets, even cards!

The near best part about transfer embroidery is how quick you can whip it up. No counting, no fussing, just quick stitching and fun results. For 25 bucks and some floss and fabric, the world is your snazzy oyster! What more could you want? The only thing that could make this book even more awesome would be if it actually made delicious teal cupcakes.

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