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Seafood Rice Salad

Seafood Rice Salad

This is a variation of a recipe that I got from my friend, Asta, from Lithuania. It can easily be tailored to suit individual tastes, and is quite healthy. This is how I prefer to make it.


  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 corn on the cob
  • cucumber, diced
  • small onion, diced
  • red or yellow bell pepper, diced
  • salt
  • pepper
  • seafood of your choice, fresh or canned
  • light miracle whip

First, you’ll need to cook the rice (I prefer to use brown rice), and allow it to cool. I like to add corn to my salad, and prefer fresh cooked corn on the cob, cooked, cooled, and then cut off, but canned or frozen corn works too. In a large bowl, mix the cooled rice and corn. Add remaining ingredients to your taste, and mix thoroughly. I use about half a cucumber, half a medium onion, and about one-eighth of a bell pepper. Add salt and pepper to taste. To add a little extra zing, I like to use my garlic salt grinder instead of regular salt. Add your preferred seafood. I typically have used shrimp or crab, but most recently I use a seafood medley of fresh shrimp, crab and calamari. Finally, add miracle whip to taste. I prefer to use light miracle whip. Serve as a main dish, or as a side salad. Enjoy!

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