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Helpful Product Review: Fray Check and Metallic Threads

Over the weekend we received an awesome product review by Maggie. This is what she said:

Fray Check

Product Name: Fray Check – 3/4 oz.
Product Code: 6622

Title: My Best Friend

Review: “I have used this product for years to seal the edges of my fabric, but today, just thought of a new use for it while working on one of Mirabilia’s mermaids… I put just a drop on the cut ends of my Kreinik braid, and lo and behold, no raveling, which can make these threads a nightmare to work with. I’ve tried it on all types of specialty threads, and it works wonders on all of them… even fuzzy threads, like Angora. It’s one of the best headache remedies ever!”

Maggie and three others also snagged themselves each a $5 coupon just for submitting their review on the weekend (read more about the Weekend Review Campaign). Congratulations to them, and thanks again to Maggie for her fantastic tip!

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