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Ask Roz: On a Hardanger piece with cross stitch, how should you stitch the cross stitch?


On a Hardanger piece with a little bit of cross-stitch at the edge of each of the four sides, should all the cross-stitch be crossed the same way, so that when looked at as a whole piece they all cross the same, or when you turn it to stitch the sides should you stitch each side your usual way, so that as you look at the finished piece one side at a time it’s consistent?


Roz’s Answer:

That is a good question, Susan.

My preference would be to have them cross over in the same direction throughout the entire piece so when you look at it as a whole, all the cross stitches are consistent. Most Hardanger designs do not have stitches that have an up and a down, or top and bottom, unless you consider certain motifs that appear that way. Most Hardanger designs are symmetrical (which is why it appeals to me so much). I think it is best to keep with the traditional rule of cross stitches all going in the same direction throughout the piece.

Thank you for your question.

Roz Watnemo

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