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Ask Roz: What Hardanger books do you recommend for a beginner?

Hi Roz,

I would love to learn to do Hardanger, but am scared to death to try it. What is the best way to get started and do you recommend a particular book with great instructions?

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Roz’s answer:

I recommend these four kits that are for the person who is in your shoes;

The first three kits teach the basic Hardanger stitches, step by step with clear graphs and text. They do not include any cutting yet! The fourth kit introduces cutting but by then, you will be very comfortable with taking that step!

Perhaps you want to start with the first one and skip to the fourth, or maybe you will choose to do all of the first 3 to get more comfortable with the basic stitches. We have had really good response from people who have tried these and had success!

For those of you who would rather learn from a book, Sue and I wrote these instructions about a hundred years ago (slight exaggeration). They were created for those people who did not have a teacher sitting at their side. I still recommend these two books:

Beginner’s Charted Hardanger Embroidery or Hardanger Embroidery Favorites 1.

And for more advanced stitches, Advanced Charted Hardanger Embroidery.

I also recommend these two books by Janice Love:

And Emie Bishops A Collection of Beautiful Stitches.

If you have a Hardanger question, just ask Roz!

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