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Ever wondered what a laying tool was, how it worked, and if it was actually worth it? Or maybe you’ve wondered what kind of magnifier to buy, or what type of stitching frame would be best. Well, so did we! That’s why we created these articles to de-mystify stretcher bars and unravel the many uses of metallic threads. Because frankly there are just so many supplies and too little room in our houses and we needed to know that converting the second guest bedroom into another craft room was all justified! Right?

Okay, so maybe we don’t really need all these things, but there are definitely must-haves and great time-savers and we’re hoping to provide this information to any bewildered stitcher out there who needs it. So we hope you enjoy and learn some new things – and make sure to check back often or join our newsletter as we continue to add information about the many stitching materials out there.

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